About The Project

The main objectives of the project are as follows.

The project is at an early stage of development and currently consists of two parts.

  1. A library that is called libdvd.
  2. A small test program named shrinkta.

[Tip] Tip

The libdvd library is included in the shrinkta package for now.

About Shrinkta

Shrink (to become compacted), ta (to take) is a small test program that can back up a single DVD title to a 4.7Gb DVD disk.
It does this with the help of the included libdvd library and the following programs,

About libdvd

Libdvd is based on the excellent dvdread library. It is object oriented, written in C and is is built on top of glib's object system. The library borrows some code from other GPL programs, namely transcode at this point for extracting video and audio tracks.

Although the library is far from complete at this stage, it has enough ability to complete the following tasks:

[Warning] Warning

It is expected that the library object structure will need significant changes in order to achieve all of the planned project objectives.

Request for help

Although I am not a programmer, I have been dabbling around with C, gtk+ and various GNOME libraries for a few years now. I believe I have the ability to eventually build the software and this project will achieve its goals.
Any idears are welcome specifically on the library design, along with feature requests and (of course) patches that fix bugs.
I also have a full time job, which means I don't have much time to work on this project. If you are interested in helping please contact me.

[Note] Note

I don't think it is practical for me to put the project into CVS until at least one other person joins the effort and some design issues are sorted out.